2022 Classes

In 2022, WMCK will offer three Government approved 4-5 year old Kindergarten classes, and one dedicated 3 year old program. Our kindergarten classes are part of the Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Programs and are funded by the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme and parent fees. Our three year old program is funded by our kindergarten and parent fees. 

Our hours and days for our programs are below.

Please contact us if you would like to enrol in any of our classes with vacancies, or would like to be put on a wait list for 2023 or beyond. Once places are full we are not able to offer any more.

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Kindergarten Program
Water Dragons Group
5 day fortnight

8:40 - 2:50pm, school terms only

Our five-day fortnight program runs every Thursday, Friday and every second Wednesday, following the Queensland school terms.


Kindergarten Program Kookaburras & Sandplover Group 
2 long days

Monday & Tuesdays 8:20-4pm, school terms only

Our two day week classes offer the same 15 hour per week Queensland government approved kindergarten program as the 5 day fortnight, instead spread over 2 days per week, following Queensland school terms.

LIMITED vacancies in the Kookaburra group for 2022.

Three Year Old Program
Bush Bees

8:30 - 2:30pm, Thursdays and Fridays, school terms only

Our three year old program was created by the kindergarten's director and parent committee due to a desire to give children two years of dedicated pre-schooling prior to attending Prep. Parents pay termly fees.

Self-funded by the kindergarten, the program receives no government funding and therefore places and hours are limited. 

However, it offers a wonderful opportunity for children to enjoy two years of pre-schooling in a quality early learning environment - a wonderful start to your child's educational journey.