The Full Story

Creek Kindy

Upon entering our backyard, you notice in the fence there are clear perspex panels. What can you see through there?!
Can you spy the Water Dragon sunning themselves?

Do you see the birdlife in the water?
Has there been recent rainfall? Perhaps the creek is flowing fast!
Many of the children would then climb onto the fort structure and stand in the middle of the curved bridge, peering to gain a better look of what was below. 
The perfect observation platform.


In the Beginning...

As educators, we reflected and wondered how could we connect the children with the creek more? We couldn't access it through the back gate. There had to be another way...then we found our Creek Kindy sites. Grass, shade, trees to climb, wildflowers and a little 'waterfall'. It was all our dreams come true. 
With two staff attending Bush Kindy training, we were set!
It was important to manage risk taking, that Creek Kindy didn't sit outside of our everyday Kindy program, so we began with using ropes, carabiners and tools at Kindy. 
We began talking about safety aspects and safety drills and continue this before we set off for our first trip. We also talk about what we might do and see. Creek Kindy and Kindy work in harmony, they are never seperate. 

“Nature pedagogy is the practice of teaching and learning with and in nature. It encompasses the importance of culture, community and the sustainability of our natural world. It fosters children’s holistic development and wellbeing through play and hands on authentic and meaningful experiences. The approach fosters a sense of wonder, exploration and discovery through inquiry-based learning that is child led”. - Nature Play QLD